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According to the Report to the Parks Commission, "General Palmer's plan for a park system was bold, far-sighted and comprehensive. He sought to surround the city with near-by parks, mountain driveways, woodland paths, and trails; to furnish places for healthful outdoor exercise and quiet restful enjoyment."

The City continues to build on this legacy through a diverse network of parks, recreation, trails and cultural amenities - a direct result of decades of work, leadership and investment by the community. Today, the department maintains

•145 Neighborhood Parks
•7 Regional Parks
•146 Miles of Urban Trail
•14,000 acres of Open Space
•5 Community Centers
•2 Golf Course
•2 Cemeteries
•3 Sports Complexes
•87 Pieces of Public Art
•Plus 1 Museum, 1 Auditorium and 1 14,115' Mountain

With a heritage of community and economic development at the forefront, this department commits to providing a high quality of life for residents and a world class destination for visitors. 

Welcome and come enjoy our park properties, recreational opportunities and cultural resources that provides our City with it's character and distinctiveness. We are where you come to play!