Mike and Rhonda Schirado married in the year 2000. Mike swore he didn't plan it so that he could remember how many years they have been married just by what year it was! Regardless, along came two little girls 18 months apart so soon they had their hands full of bottles and diapers. Rhonda tried being a stay at home mom, but soon was drawn back into the sales world and stayed there for the next 12 years. Mike was always the computer nut and made a carrier in drafting until HE decided to try the "stay at home dad" job. Boy was he surprised with the amount of work it is taking care of 2 girls!

In 2013 the family decided to make a change, and when Rhonda sets her mind to something - she does it BIG! The search began to find a way to move the family to a small town, with land, and still be able to make a Iiving...along came the idea of owning a campground. Both of Mike and Rhonda's families live in metro Denver and so with family being a priority the only place to look was in Colorado. Prospectors RV Resort came on the market and the Schirado's snatched up this beautiful piece of land in Canon City, Colorado. Now, along with her brother Rick and nephew Jerico, Mike, Rhonda, Peyton and Shea live on this dream of a campground, catering to families from all over the world. It is their mission to create wonderful, life long MEMORIES for each and every person who steps foot on the Prospector Resort. So, come and bring your family and start making memories with them!